Who is Radio Riel?

This page lists the mem­bers of the team behind Radio Riel.

Gen­er­al Direc­tor
Gabrielle Riel

Technical/Licensing Direc­tor
Elrik Mer­lin

Main Stream Pro­gram­ming
Edward Pearse
Elrik Mer­lin
Gabrielle Riel

Audio Pro­gram­ming
Edward Pearse — Riel Radio The­atre
Elrik Mer­lin — The ZBS Radio Hour, Zee­ber Gold
Mos­seveno Tenk — Tales from New Bab­bage

Live Music Pro­gram­ming
Carter Den­ja — Mon­day Night at Mad­hu’s Café
Dia­man­da Gustafson — Audite Nova
Edward Pearse — Break­fast in Bab­bage
Gabrielle Riel — Songs from The Nightin­gale, Rev­el­ry on Rever­ie
Mit­su Figaro — Sekai no Dis­coteque
Victor1st Morn­ing­ton — The Mil­lion Sell­ers

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