Who is Radio Riel?

This page lists the members of the team behind Radio Riel.

General Director
Gabrielle Riel

Main Stream Programming
Edward Pearse
Elrik Merlin
Gabrielle Riel
Soliel Snook

Audio Programming
Edward Pearse — Riel Radio Theatre
Elrik Merlin — The ZBS Radio Hour, Zeeber Gold
Mosseveno Tenk — Tales from New Babbage

Live Music Programming
Carter Denja — Monday Night at Madhu’s Café
Diamanda Gustafson — Audite Nova
Edward Pearse — Breakfast in Babbage
Gabrielle Riel — Songs from The Nightingale, Revelry on Reverie
Mitsu Figaro — Sekai no Discoteque
Victor1st Mornington — The Million Sellers

Second Life Hosts
Touma Yoshikawa