Radio Riel offers sponsorship to individuals and businesses that would like to contribute to our efforts in bringing our eclectic variety of music and programming to Second Life residents and listeners on the Internet.

Radio Riel is a Second Life/Internet version of an Actual Life nonprofit, public radio service, such as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and National Public Radio (NPR).  Therefore we do not run traditional radio commercials.  Instead we carry sponsor messages, very much in the same style as you might find on National Public Radio in the United States.
Sponsorship earns you the following:
  • A short, on‐air sponsor message similar to: “Programming on Radio Riel is is made possible in part by sponsors such as the XYZ Company.  The XYZ Company, the place to fill all of your XYZ needs in Second Life.  Visit the XYZ Company in the ABC Sim.”
  • Message play on all six Radio Riel streams: Radio Riel Main, Radio Riel Ragtime, Radio Riel Steampunk, Radio Riel Dieselpunk, Radio Riel Reverie and Radio Riel Volksmusik.
  • Your logo on the Radio Riel website with a link to your website, or your SLURL in SL.
There are two levels of sponsorship available:
  • Premium Sponsorship
    L$10,000 / $40 USD per month
    Sponsor message plays 8 times a day (once every 3 hours), on each of the Radio Riel streams, every day for the month
  • Standard Sponsorship
    L$5,000 / $20 USD per month
    Sponsor message plays 4 times a day (once every 6 hours), on each of the Radio Riel streams, every day for the month

You can pay in Lindens via a meter set up for you at Radio Riel Headquarters in Seraph City or in US Dollars via Paypal.

Sponsor message guidelines are as follows:
  • Sponsor messages begin with a preamble that may vary slightly from message to message, of the form, “Today’s programming on Radio Riel is made possible in part by” followed by the name of the sponsor.
  • Sponsor messages are a maximum of 15 seconds in length.
  • Radio Riel on‐air talent will record the sponsor message.
  • Radio Riel will restrict sponsor messages to factual information about the sponsor, including location, product name and description of services.
  • Sponsor messages may contain SL location information, names of contacts to IM, web site addresses and locations.
  • Sponsor messages can contain a well‐established slogan or corporate positioning statement.
Please let us know if there is any specific information you must have in your sponsor message.
To become a Radio Riel Sponsor, please contact us using the Contact Form.