The Musical Magpie: Transatlantic Fiddle

by Otenth Paderborn 12 May 2018 Monthly Programme

Tune in to Radio Riel for Otenth Paderborn’s monthly program of world, folk, and roots music, broadcast on the second Sunday of the month from 12:30–2:00 pm Pacific or Second Life time On Sunday 13 May, the program will feature transatlantic fiddle traditions, spanning Scandinavia, the islands of the North Sea and Atlantic, to Nova […]

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Swing, Big Band & Trad Jazz

by Elrik Merlin 12 May 2018 Daily Programme

Join us today for a collection of Big Band and trad jazz music that spans the period 1920–50. You’ll hear the Charleston to Glenn Miller and everything in between, with both instrumental and vocal selections. In addition I’ve thrown in a few period novelty songs for your amusement.

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Main: A Victorian/Edwardian Entertainment

by Elrik Merlin 9 May 2018 Daily Programme

Today on Radio Riel, please join us for a day of music from the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

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