Our Sponsors

We would like to thank our spon­sors, list­ed below, for their sup­port, with­out which we would be unable to bring you the breadth of pro­gram­ming we offer today.

We encour­age you to vis­it and sup­port them.

Aether Chrononauts

Aether Chrononauts is host­ed by Otenth Pader­born as a ser­vice to cit­i­zens of vir­tu­al worlds, such as Lin­den Lab’s Sec­ond Life.

The Con­sulate of Europa Wulfen­bach

Europa is ruled by Baron Klaus Wulfen­bach. The nation has con­sulates in Cale­don and oth­er allied nations. It is not a sim, but a land in a dimen­sion par­al­lel to Cale­don’s; its recent his­to­ry is doc­u­ment­ed in graph­i­cal form at Girl Genius.

Design­ing Worlds

The hit week­ly show on design and design­ers in vir­tu­al worlds, brought to you by Prim Per­fect Pro­duc­tions, the peo­ple behind Prim Per­fect mag­a­zine and host­ed by Prim Per­fec­t’s Saf­fia Wid­der­shins and Radio Riel’s Elrik Mer­lin. Shows are pre­miered on Mon­days at 2pm Pacif­ic Time and view­ing par­ties are held then at the Design­ing Worlds stu­dios on Gar­den of Dreams.


Explore time, space, and the soft­ness between dimen­sions in NeoVic­to­ria. The cit­i­zen­ry here cling to the land and skies, for its vast oceans are home to forces that do not heed the crown. This role-play steam­punk com­mu­ni­ty recre­ates the bygone era of Lon­don’s dark his­to­ry. Wan­der down the cob­bled streets and mar­vel at the clas­sic archi­tec­ture as you inter­act with a myr­i­ad of intrigu­ing char­ac­ters.

ZBS Foun­da­tion

ZBS is a not-for-prof­it arts orga­ni­za­tion that’s been in exis­tence since 1970. For almost 50 years ZBS have been pro­duc­ing radio/audio sto­ries. These are com­ic and cos­mic adven­tures, sci­ence fic­tion, mys­ti­cal mys­ter­ies — some with spir­i­tu­al wis­doms woven with­in. Their inten­tion has always been to raise con­scious­ness by using the media, radio and audio.

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