Talk of the Tavern: Last Call, Closing Time

All good things must come to a end, and it is Last Call and Clos­ing Time for Talk of the Tav­ern.

Talk of the Tav­ern was an idea which I, Travis Sivart, had way back in 2006, though it real­ly did­n’t come to fruition until Octo­ber 1st, 2012. That was the day Sounds of Steam aired on With our steam­punk brethren we grew until we blos­somed into Talk of the Tav­ern. 125 shows or so of fun (includ­ing extra shows for spe­cial occa­sions), friv­o­li­ty, and shenani­gans.

Join most of Team Tav­ern, includ­ing Steam­punk Author Wendy Calla­han, Ed Sum­mers, Chil­dren’s Author Daphne Dewell, Kat Tay­lor of Katas­tro­phe Labs, Daniel Abt, Gan­der­snitch the Gob­lin, Kevin Crew, Matthew “Cor­rell­bow” Cor­rell of The State of the Nerd, Travis and Susan Fessler of The Pick­led Broth­er’s Cir­cus, and a few oth­er sur­pris­es, as we shall stroll through mem­o­ry lane.

Talk of the Tav­ern runs on both Radio Riel’s main stream and Radio Riel Steam­punk.

Check out Talk of the Town’s media sites for more info:

To down­load Talk Of The Tav­ern’s pre­vi­ous episodes:

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