Talk of the Tavern: Feminism

Fem­i­nism, noun — the advo­ca­cy of wom­en’s rights on the grounds of polit­i­cal, social, and eco­nom­ic equal­i­ty to men.

Sounds good, right? That’s how it should be, no ques­tion in my mind. But can it be tak­en too far? Join your host, Travis Sivart, and Team Tav­ern mem­bers; chil­dren’s author Daphne Dewell, Ed Sum­mers, Gan­der­snitch the Gob­lin, Gabrielle Riel of Radio Riel, and adult author Kelsey O’Ban­ion as they poke this sleep­ing drag­on.

The Sounds of Steam Music Hour will be a an ensem­ble of music and musi­cians includ­ing The Gin Rebel­lion, The Aero­nauts, The Bewitched, The Blib­ber­ing Humdingers, Escape the Clouds, and The Extra­or­di­nary Con­trap­tions… and many shall be pay­ing trib­ute to our strong women!

Talk of the Tav­ern runs on both Radio Riel’s main stream and Radio Riel Steam­punk.

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