Steampunk Songs from the Nightingale: Crossovers & Covers

in Radio Riel Main, Radio Riel Steampunk, Weekly Programme

by Gabrielle Riel on Sunday, 20 April, 2014

It’s the third Sunday of the month and that means that it is time for Steampunk Songs from the Nightingale, the broadcast brought to you by Gabrielle Riel on both Radio Riel’s Main stream and Radio Riel Steampunk from 12:30pm — 2:00pm North American Pacific Time. This show features the wildly eclectic music that you know and love from Radio Riel.

Cover songs have always been a staple for most artists. Many musicians do entire albums of cover songs. While covers have been around forever, in the last 10 years we’ve seen more and more fusion and “crossover” music, in which music that is known in one style is transferred into a completely new style. Today’s show features both covers and crossover, so you will hear classical music done as electronica, pop done as classical, jazz done as electronica and hip‐hop done as jazz and bluegrass.

If you miss the show this afternoon, you can always catch it at your convenience on Mixcloud.


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