Songs from The Nightingale: Remembering Janet Wright (Soliel Snook)

Janet Wright - Soliel Snook

Tune in to Radio Riel’s main stream this evening as Gabrielle Riel plays “Songs from The Nightin­gale: Remem­ber­ing Janet Wright” from 6:00pm — 7:30pm North Amer­i­can Pacif­ic time to mark the 5th anniver­sary of Radio Riel Pre­sen­ter Janet Wright’s pass­ing and the 13th “Rez­day” of her avatar Soliel Snook.

On May 12, 2007, Janet, an Amer­i­can expat liv­ing in Scot­land decid­ed to check out the vir­tu­al world of Sec­ond Life. She cre­at­ed the avatar “Soliel Snook” and began an adven­ture that would con­tin­ue for the rest of her life. She became a con­tent cre­ator, a region design­er-own­er and part of the team at Radio Riel. It has been five years since Janet passed on April 24, 2015 and thir­teen years since she joined the vir­tu­al world, and so, as it has been every year since she passed, I (Gabrielle Riel) play a show of her favorite music in her hon­or.

If you are in Sec­ond Life, please join us at Ely­si­um. SLURL:

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