Saturday At The Movies

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by Elrik Merlin on Saturday, 23 March, 2013

Saturday At The Movies

The Windsor Theater in Hampton, IA. Photo by Pete Zarria

Today we present a selection of great movie and TV themes, incidental music and suites based on the original scores, going back to the very first piece of film music — a work by Saint‐Saens; covering the top British film composers of the 30s and 40s like Alwyn and Addinsell, and on to more recent work by the likes of John Barry, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith and many more.

Pick up some popcorn and something wet and fizzy and settle back in the best seat in the house — your own.

ZBS Radio Hour

FATSThen at 11am and 7pm Pacific Time – and that’s now 18:00 and 02:00 GMT, remember –  join us for the beginning of two new adventures in the ZBS Radio Hour. We begin with a special binaural drama, called Fat Cats. Get your headphones on for this – it’s recorded with a dummy head system and on headphones it’s really amazingly lifelike!

Lucas Trust has it all, money, a mansion, an island, a gorgeous girlfriend … but his shadowy past returns and Willie, who has been painting Luke’s house, suddenly finds himself trying to solve a murder mystery. Meanwhile, Short Top Detroit, a fictional paperback detective, has taken up residence in Willie’s head. But Short Top isn’t a very good detective, and Willie finds himself in some bizarre and dangerous situations.

ladywThen in the second half‐hour, back by popular demand, it’s the the first installment of our Steampunk satire, Lady Windermere’s Brass Fantabulous.

Lady Windermere is a spy. Professor Farking Foots‐Foots has installed a recording device in the brass cage of Lady Windermere’s bustle. Hidden within the bows of her bustle is a lens. Whenever the Lady turns her back, she can record whatever is happening behind her.

In Part One of A Steampunk State of Mind, Professor Foots‐Foots is “setting the record straight” for the historian, Carking Cowputter. By playing back the recordings Lady Windermere captured with her Brass Fantabulous device, Foots‐Foots has documented the events that led up to what is known as “The‐Not‐So‐Great‐War.”

This Steampunk series is a satirical comment on how governments create misinformation to justify their nefarious commercial interests, besides manipulating the minds of their own gullible people. 

Tune in! And don’t forget, ZBS fans, if you enjoy what you hear on the ZBS Radio Hour, be sure to visit their web site at, where you can pick up these tales in full and many, many more.

Today’s programme is presented by Elrik Merlin. You can listen to the programme in‐world now at, or simply click here to start your player, if your browser is configured to do so. Listeners in the United States are encouraged to tune in using this link:


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