Riel Theatre: The Castle (Series 4 Eps 1 & 2)

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by Edward Pearse on Tuesday, 18 November, 2014

Tonight Riel Theatre presents a comedy set in the filth, stench and grime of the middle ages, with some nice music.

Sir John Woodstock — James Fleet
Lady Anne Woodstock, John’s teenage daughter — Martha Howe‐Douglas
Lady Charlotte, Anne’s best friend — Ingrid Oliver
Master Henry Woodstock, John’s 13 year old son — Steven Kynman
John’s household servant Thomas, forever inventing medieval versions of modern innovations — Jonathan Kydd
Sir William De Warenne, knight errant and scourge of the Levant, voted top knight by Esquire magazine — Neil Dudgeon
Cardinal Duncan, Sir William’s closet‐homosexual sidekick — Jonathan Kydd
Sam Tree, Anne’s peasant heart‐throb — Toby Ross‐Bryant
Billy Bagshot, local standup comedian — Steven Kynman
Bates — Sir John’s new valet — Lewis MacLeod

Episode 1: Tender Is the Knight

Episode 2: The Only Way Is Ethics

Join us in the Clarendon Conservatory from 7:00pm PST or tune in via http://www.streamlicensing.com/play/player.php?sid=2303&stream_id=3923


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