Riel Theatre: The Castle (Eps 5 & 6)

Tonight Riel The­atre presents a com­e­dy set in the filth, stench and grime of the mid­dle ages, with some nice music.

Sir John Wood­stock — James Fleet
Lady Anne Wood­stock, John’s teenage daugh­ter — Susan Earl
Lady Char­lotte, Anne’s best friend — Ingrid Oliv­er
Mas­ter Hen­ry Wood­stock, John’s 13 year old son — Steven Kyn­man
John’s house­hold ser­vant Thomas, for­ev­er invent­ing medieval ver­sions of mod­ern inno­va­tions — Jonathan Kydd
Sir William De Warenne, knight errant and scourge of the Lev­ant, vot­ed top knight by Esquire mag­a­zine — Neil Dud­geon
Car­di­nal Dun­can, Sir William’s clos­et-homo­sex­u­al side­kick — Jonathan Kydd
Sam Tree, Anne’s peas­ant heart-throb — Toby Ross-Bryant
Bil­ly Bagshot, local standup come­di­an — Steven Kyn­man

Episode 3: The vil­lage pub acquires two new mys­te­ri­ous bar­maids as Anne and Char­lotte plot to ensnare Sam Tree. Sir William De Warenne gets in touch with his fem­i­nine side whilst Dun­can gets in touch with his mas­cu­line one.

Episode 4: Sir John tires of act­ing as the local mag­is­trate, and hands the job to Sir William who, hav­ing real­ized that Sam stands between him and Anne, uses his posi­tion to con­demn Sam to death. Unfor­tu­nate­ly the scaf­fold is built using Thomas’s lat­est inven­tion — the flat pack.

Join us in the Claren­don Con­ser­va­to­ry from 7:00pm or tune in via http://www.streamlicensing.com/play/player.php?sid=2303&stream_id=3923

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