Riel Theatre: The Castle (Eps 1 & 2)

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by Edward Pearse on Thursday, 10 April, 2014

Tonight Riel Theatre presents a comedy set in the filth, stench and grime of the middle ages, with some nice music.

Sir John Woodstock — James Fleet
Lady Anne Woodstock, John’s teenage daughter — Susan Earl
Lady Charlotte, Anne’s best friend — Ingrid Oliver
Master Henry Woodstock, John’s 13 year old son — Steven Kynman
John’s household servant Thomas, forever inventing medieval versions of modern innovations — Jonathan Kydd
Sir William De Warenne, knight errant and scourge of the Levant, voted top knight by Esquire magazine — Neil Dudgeon
Cardinal Duncan, Sir William’s closet‐homosexual sidekick — Jonathan Kydd
Sam Tree, Anne’s peasant heart‐throb — Toby Ross‐Bryant
Billy Bagshot, local standup comedian — Steven Kynman

Episode 1: Sir William De Warenne moves into the castle next door, and discovers the lovely Anne. Anne discovers the lovely Sam. Charlotte discovers that she is supposed to stay out of the way.

Episode 2: An unexpected lion and the world’s first satellite dish spell trouble for Anne and Sam Tree’s ongoing romance.

Join us in the Clarendon Conservatory from 7:00pm or tune in via http://www.streamlicensing.com/play/player.php?sid=2303&stream_id=3923


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