Riel Theatre presents: Operation Luna

Tonight Riel The­atre presents 1950s Sci­ence Fic­tion at its finest in “Oper­a­tion Luna” with Jet Mor­gan and Jour­ney Into Space!

The con­clu­sion to our sto­ry.

The Alien tells the crew about the Earth­’s native destruc­tive and hos­tile ‘for­est crea­tures’, and promis­es to help the crew return to their own time. While prepar­ing Luna for take-off, the crew realise the ‘for­est crea­tures’ are, in fact, pre­his­toric humans. Luna takes off and is accel­er­at­ed by the UFOs; the crew blacks out. The crew return to the Moon in 1965, but with no mem­o­ry of their adven­ture on pre­his­toric Earth. How­ev­er, their rations have been replaced by water and an unknown bread-like sub­stance; Doc’s diary con­tains a detailed account; and there’s also a pre­his­toric stone knife on board Luna…

Join us at the Claren­don Con­ser­va­to­ry in New Bab­bage for the Lis­ten­ing par­ty at 7:00 PM SLT.

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