Riel Theatre presents: Operation Luna

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by Edward Pearse on Thursday, 16 January, 2014

Tonight Riel Theatre presents 1950s Science Fiction at its finest in “Operation Luna” with Jet Morgan and Journey Into Space!

The rocket “Luna” has landed on the Moon. The crew experience strange things: Jet has visions of the past and the future; Lemmy is disturbed by the ‘music’ again; Doc sees a strange dome over a crater, and writes an odd diary entry without realising. As they prepare to leave for home, the ship completely loses all power. Stranded and unable to trace the cause of the power failure, a fortnight passes, with the air temperature rising uncomfortably in the absence of air-conditioning. Strange noises are heard and, when they are left with just enough oxygen to reach home, power is suddenly restored to the ship, and a UFO lands outside.

Join us at the Clarendon Conservatory in New Babbage for the Listening party at 7:00 PM SLT.


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