Riel Theatre Presents: Night Watch Part 5 & Yes Minister

From the pen of Ter­ry Pratch­ett and the resources of the BBC comes the drama­ti­sa­tion of the Dis­c­world nov­el Night Watch.

My name is Sam Vimes. I had an acci­dent, and I woke up in the Year of the Astound­ed Bee­tle. Am I mad, in a coma, or back in time?

What­ev­er’s hap­pened, it’s like I’ve land­ed on a dif­fer­ent plan­et. Now maybe if I can work out the rea­son, I can get home.”

Sam Vimes .….. Philip Jack­son
Young Sam .….. Carl Prekopp
Carcer .….. Paul Rit­ter
Fred Colon .….. Sam Dale

To round things out, the first episode of Yes Min­is­ter. While it’s the US that has had the recent elec­tion, no-one does polit­i­cal obfus­ca­tion like Yes Min­is­ter.

Jim Hack­er .….. Paul Edding­ton
Sir Humphrey Apple­by .….. Nigel Hawthorne
Bernard Wool­ley .….. Derek Fowlds
Frank Weisel .….. Neil Fitzwil­iam

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