Riel Theatre presents: Good Omens (pts 1 & 2)

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by Edward Pearse on Tuesday, 24 February, 2015

7:00pm SLT Tonight Riel Radio Theatre presents the BBC adaptation of Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens.

Events have been set in motion to bring about the End of Days. The armies of Good and Evil are gathering, Atlantis is rising, fish are falling from the sky; everything seems to be going to the Divine Plan.
Except for the unlikely duo of an angel and a demon who are not all that keen on the prospect of the forthcoming Rapture. Aziraphale and Crowley have been living on Earth for several millennia and have become rather fond of the place. But if they are to stop Armageddon taking place they’ve got to find and kill the one who will the one bring about the apocalypse: the Antichrist himself.

There’s just one small problem: someone seems to have mislaid him…

Cast includes Peter Serafinowicz, Mark Heap, Charlotte Ritchie, Clive Russell, Adam Thomas Wright and Louise Brealey.

Adapted by Dirk Maggs.


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