Riel Theatre presents: Black Bartlemy’s Treasure

From BBC Radio 4 Extra. Writ­ten by Jef­frey Farnol; Full-cast drama­ti­sa­tion star­ring Steven Pacey, Sean Bar­rett, Sean Arnold, Julia Swift and Ronald Herd­man; Drama­tised by Michael Bartlett.

Mar­tin Con­is­by, embit­tered by his five years of slav­ery on the Span­ish galleon Esmer­al­da, escapes dur­ing a sea fight and makes his way back to Eng­land, deter­mined to avenge him­self on Richard Bran­don, who was the cause of his father’s death and his own ill-treat­ment. Bro­ken in body and spir­it, he arrives home just in time to save from the hands of rob­bers a beau­ti­ful girl, Lady Joan Bran­don, the daugh­ter of the man whom he has sworn to pun­ish. In a tav­ern he meets a pal, Adam Pen­feath­er, who unfolds to him the sto­ry of Black Bartle­my, an infa­mous pirate, and his trea­sure buried on an island–treasure of fabu­ous val­ue that has been the dream and hope of rov­ing adven­tur­ers along the Span­ish Main for many years.

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