Riel Theatre Presents: An American Werewolf in London Pt. 2

Radio Riel The­atre presents: An Amer­i­can Were­wolf in Lon­don by John Lan­dis.

An Amer­i­can tourist comes to the ter­ri­fy­ing con­clu­sion that he is a were­wolf..

Repris­ing their roles from the movie, Jen­ny Agut­ter, Bri­an Glover and John Wood­vine are reunit­ed in this audio movie.

Based on the orig­i­nal screen­play by John Lan­dis
Music by Wil­fre­do Acos­ta
Mixed by Paul Dee­ley in Dol­by Sur­round
Adapt­ed, writ­ten and pro­duced by Dirk Mag­gs.

Join us at the Claren­don Con­ser­va­to­ry from 7pm SLT on Thurs­day night or tune in to http://loudcity.com/stations/radio-riel/tune_in

Riel Radio The­atre! Now cel­e­brat­ing its fifth year!

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