Riel Theatre October season.

7:00pm SLT tonight Riel The­atre begins the Octo­ber sea­son. First up from BBC Radio The Brown­ie of the Black Hag­gs.   Writ­ten by James Hogg; Full cast drama­ti­sa­tion star­ring Alec Heg­gie, Mary Rig­gans, Bruce Young, Irene Mac­Dougall and James Bryce; Drama­tised by Mar­ty Ross.

Lady Wheel­hope has a rep­u­ta­tion as a vio­lent mis­tress to those under her pow­er. Yet when desire for a mys­te­ri­ous ser­vant over­whelms her, it’s her own soul she yields to ter­ri­ble risk.


And after that an episode of The Twi­light Zone

A Nice Place to Vis­it” — Star­ring: Hal Sparks.
Hen­ry Fran­cis Valen­tine calls him­self “Rocky”, because that’s the way his life has been — rocky and per­ilous and uphill at a dead run all the way. He’s tired now, tired of run­ning or want­i­ng, of wait­ing for the breaks that come to oth­ers but nev­er to him, nev­er to Rocky Valen­tine. A scared, angry lit­tle man. He thinks it’s all over now but he’s wrong. For Rocky Valen­tine, it’s just the begin­ning.



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