Riel Radio Theatre presents: Blake’s 7 “Liberator”

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by Edward Pearse on Thursday, 1 October, 2015

Tonight 7:00pm SLT Riel Theatre presents a Blake’s 7 Audio Drama “Liberator”.

Roj Blake and the crew of the Liberator have nowhere left to hide. As time runs out, old friendships are shattered, new alliances are forged, and battle lines are drawn across the galaxy. A path of betrayal, lies and deceit leads towards a deadly confrontation that will change everything.

Derek Riddell as Blake
Daniela Nardini as Servalan
Colin Salmon as Avon
Craig Kelly as Travis
Carrie Dobro as Jenna

Join us at the Clarendon Conservatory in New Babbage from 7pm SLT on Thursday night or tune in to Radio Riel Main


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