Radio Riel Theatre presents: From Russia With Love

Radio Riel The­atre presents an adap­ta­tion of Ian Flem­ing’s From Rus­sia With Love.

Colonel Rosa Klebb of the KGB plans to lure Bond into a trap, using beau­ti­ful Cor­po­ral Tatiana Romano­va as bait — plus a Spek­tor, the lat­est Russ­ian decod­ing device. MI6 learns that Tatiana wants to defect and ‘M’ orders Bond to Istan­bul. But who is wait­ing for who?

Star­ring Toby Stephens as Bond, John Stand­ing as M, Olga Fedori as Tatiana and Mark Gatiss as Kro­n­steen.

Drama­tised by Archie Scot­tney.

Music com­posed by Mark Hold­en and Sam Bar­bour.

Join us at the Claren­don Con­ser­va­to­ry in New Bab­bage from 7pm SLT on Thurs­day night or tune in to Radio Riel Main

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