Music from the Grand Hotel

And now we take you to the Palm Court of the Grand Hotel… as the announc­er used to say, intro­duc­ing a pro­gramme of fine light clas­si­cal and dance music from the Grand Hotel in East­bourne, on Britain’s South Coast.

Today on Radio Riel’s main stream, we take you back to the dance-halls, hotel lounges and ocean lin­ers of the ear­ly to mid­dle 20th Cen­tu­ry, char­ac­terised by the BBC radio series, Grand Hotel. We’ll also be hear­ing some clas­sic big-band record­ings and much more.

Broad­casts of light clas­si­cal music on the BBC start­ed in 1925 from The Grand Hotel in East­bourne and fea­tured, to quote the Radio Times of the era, ‘Music of the Palm Court Orches­tra’. The Lounge Hall of the Grand was used — the hotel did not actu­al­ly have a Palm Court. The pro­gram­me’s sig­na­ture tune was the “big tune” from Strauss’s Ros­es from the South.

The pro­gramme includes a mix­ture of orig­i­nal peri­od record­ings and mod­ern per­for­mances.

Zee­ber Gold

Then join us at 11am or 7pm Pacif­ic Time (19:00 or 03:00 GMT) for the lat­est in our series of clas­sic inter­views with the movers and shak­ers of the 60s and 70s in Zee­ber Gold.

One of America’s true cul­ture heroes…the man respon­si­ble for the cre­ation of Spi­der­man, Thor, The Incred­i­ble Hulk, and all the oth­er fan­tas­tic Mar­vel com­ic char­ac­ters… he talks about the Amer­i­can com­ic world and reveals sev­er­al hith­er­to secret Stan Lee Lit­er­ary Laws. He’s a fan­tas­tic mar­vel char­ac­ter him­self. But, hear­ing this today, I wish more of the inter­view were about all those amaz­ing char­ac­ters he’s invent­ed. Still, a fas­ci­nat­ing guy. Record­ed 1971.

Today’s pro­gramme is pre­sent­ed by Elrik Mer­lin. You can lis­ten to the pro­gramme in-world now at, or sim­ply click here to start your play­er, if your brows­er is con­fig­ured to do so. Lis­ten­ers in the Unit­ed States are encour­aged to tune in using this link:

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