Main & Steampunk: Talk of the Tavern, Is Our Justice System Broken?


Our jails are over­flow­ing. Tax eva­sion gets a harsh­er sen­tence than rape. Mega stars get off with noth­ing more than a slap on the wrist, yet Joe Aver­age gets put away for a long time. And worst of all, we need a lawyer to trans­late the laws meant to pro­tect us. Is this what we want?

Join Beth “Squir­rel” Jankows­ki, Gabrielle Riel of Radio Riel, Ed Sum­mers, as our Team Tav­ern reg­u­lars, AND jus­tice sys­tems vet­er­ans Melanie Carl­son and Susan Fessler to pro­vide us with insight into the legal sys­tem.

Musi­cal Jus­tice enforced by the bands, Wal­ter Sick­ert & The Army of Bro­ken Toys, The Vio­let Tribe, Unwoman, Unex­tra­or­di­nary Gen­tle­men, Rhubarb Whiskey, The Extra­or­di­nary Con­trap­tions, The Shanklin Freak Show, Escape the Clouds, Glad­stone, and Spiky!

Talk of the Tav­ern runs on both Radio Riel’s main stream and Radio Riel Steam­punk.

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