Main and Steampunk: Gluten, Allergies, and Placebos — Oh My!

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by Gabrielle Riel on Monday, 22 September, 2014

It’s Talk of the Tavern night!

Team Tavern members Kevin Crew, Kelsey O’Banion, Daniel Abt, Edward Summers, and Kat Taylor join Travis to discuss if there is a science of fooling yourself, and how many people seem to be affected by maladies which were (seemingly) rare just a few decades ago.

During the Sounds of Steam Music Hour we will be interviewing the author of the Gideon Smith Steampunk series, David Barnett, and mysterious musical reactions caused by Andrew Bird, The Atomic Fireballs, Caravan of Thieves, The Electric Swing Circus, Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band, The Frinky Frolics, Gracie Curran & The High Falutin’ Band, and more!

Talk of the Tavern runs on both Radio Riel’s main stream and Radio Riel Steampunk.

Check out Talk of the Town’s media sites for more info:

To download Talk Of The Tavern’s previous episodes:


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