Best Of Talk of the Tavern: Cryptozoology: Myth or Marvel?

The “live” ver­sion of Talk of the Tav­ern is on hia­tus, but you don’t think we’d just leave you cold, do you? It’s time for “Best of Talk of the Tav­ern”!

Mon­sters and myth­i­cal crea­tures are still being hunt­ed today, some with a cam­era and oth­er with much more lethal meth­ods. Does Big­foot, the yeti, Loch Ness Mon­ster, Moth­man, chu­pacabras, the Jer­sey Dev­il, Mega­lodon Sharks, Krak­ens, and oth­er mod­ern crea­tures of folk­lore actu­al­ly exist?

Join Travis & Susan Fessler of Pick­led Broth­ers Cir­cus, Gan­der­snitch the Gob­lin, Matthew Cor­rell of the State of the Nerd, and Ed Sum­mers, along with your host Travis Sivart and his spe­cial guest Rob Floyd of Mon­ster­Fest fame, as they dig deep and try to uncov­er the mys­tery of hid­den mon­sters!

Talk of the Tav­ern runs on both Radio Riel’s main stream and Radio Riel Steam­punk.

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