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Talk of the Tavern: Apocalypse, Zombie or Alien Invasion

Ever sit around and won­der what you would do in the event of an alien inva­sion or a zom­bie apoc­a­lypse? Would it be the same plan? Well, we do have a plan and we’re now going to put it all togeth­er for you! Spe­cial Gust Horst, Tor­res Vs Zom­bies!

Talk of the Tavern, Putting the Fun in Funeral, Thinking Inside the Box

It’s Mon­day evening and that means it’s time for Talk of the Tav­ern! Why must Death be so droll and depress­ing? We don’t think it does! Join Ed Sum­mers, Daphne Dewell, Alfre­do of Tor­res Vs Zom­bies, Andrea of Night Owl Cre­ations, Kevin of SocialAs­sas­s­in­Blog, and your host, Travis I. Sivart, Sto­ry­teller as they change the way death is done by think­ing inside the box!

Talk of the Tavern: Where in the WORLD Have You Been?

After a nine month hia­tus, Talk of the Tav­ern returns to Radio Riel! What hap­pened? Where did they go? Tune in and find out as they return with some of your favorite folks. Join Ed Sum­mers, Andrea Dam­i­co, Daphne Dewell, Kevin Crew and your host Travis I. Sivart as they bring back the old fun and antics.

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