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Steampunk: The Radio Riel Players Present Tales from New Babbage, “The Phantom Coach”

Amelia Edwards

Radio Riel invites the Riel Audio­philes who love audio dra­ma to tune in this evening at 7:00pm North Amer­i­can Pacif­ic Time to Radio Riel Steam­punk for Tales from New Bab­bage.

The Radio Riel Players Present Tales from New Babbage: The New Accelerator by H.G. Wells

Yes indeed, these are push­ful, push­ful days we live in. If only there was a way to find more time. Tonight, Emer­son Light­house reads The New Accel­er­a­tor by H. G. Wells, first pub­lished in The Strand mag­a­zine in 1901. Come lis­ten at the Red Drag­on in Bab­bage Square at 12 noon or 8pm PDT (Cal­i­for­nia […]

Steampunk: Tales from New Babbage, The Red Haired Girl

Good help is so hard to find, but what do you do when your fam­i­ly is com­plain­ing about a maid that you don’t remem­ber hir­ing? Tonight, New Bab­bage’s favorite red, Junie Gins­burg, reads The Red Haired Girl, by Sabine Bar­ing-Gould (1834–1924).

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