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From the Library — Pirates!

Arrrrrr! Avast ye lily liv­ered scurvy dog! Today’s From th’ Library takes ye on a jour­ney o’ bilge rats, rum, salty dogs an’ more rum. Cap’n Edward Pearse gives ye music t’ sail yer ship by. So help yersef t’ a pint o’ rum (sprin­kled wi’ gun­pow­der fer th’ more hard­core) an’ tap yer wood­en […]

From the Library: The Light Programme

Today’s Light Pro­gramme fea­tures the music of Ronald Binge (1910–79), who was born 100 years ago last Thurs­day, on July 15. Prob­a­bly best known for Sail­ing By, the music gen­er­al­ly asso­ci­at­ed with the Ship­ping Fore­cast on BBC radio, he was the orig­i­na­tor of the “cas­cad­ing strings” effect — some­thing he devel­oped while work­ing as an […]

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