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Happy Birthday to our friends at Radio Caroline

Fifty-five years ago last Wednes­day, on 27 March 1964, Radio Car­o­line began test trans­mis­sions from a ship, the MV Car­o­line, moored off the Essex coast, on 1520 kHz, announced as 199 metres, and start­ed reg­u­lar broad­casts the next day. It was the  begin­ning of one of the most live­ly peri­ods of broad­cast­ing – and music […]

Offshore Radio Day – The Music of the Sixties

Today on Radio Riel’s Main Stream we relive the days of Britain’s off­shore pirate sta­tions with the best of the pop music of the 1960s, lib­er­al­ly pep­pered with trail­ers, authen­tic jin­gles and “last hour” record­ings from the “watery wire­less days” — and a spe­cial off­shore radio doc­u­men­tary at 11am and 7pm Pacif­ic. Tune in for a day of “blasts from the past”!

Relive the Great British Pirate Radio Era

Join us at 11am Pacif­ic Time on Radio Riel’s Main Stream for a 50th anniver­sary trib­ute to Britain’s off­shore radio sta­tions of the 1960’s — “Please Don’t Take Them Away… The Sto­ry Of The Great British Pirate Era” — as part of a day of music from the 1960s with authen­tic off­shore radio jin­gles and announce­ments evok­ing British pop radio of half a cen­tu­ry ago.

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