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Bedlam in Babbage: Christmas Special!

The hol­i­day sea­son is on us again, where we buy gifts for peo­ple we real­ly don’t like and spend time with mem­bers of our fam­i­ly who remind us why it only hap­pens once a year. There’s a rea­son it’s called the Sil­ly Sea­son. Join Edward Pearse for an explo­ration of the kitch end of the […]

Breakfast in Babbage: Back to School!

It’s the time of year when par­ents rejoice, and chil­dren dread. You get to bore the pants of peo­ple with your tales of sum­mer vaca­tion, or pos­si­bly you have final­ly recov­ered from the injuries you sus­tained at sum­mer camp. Either way, join Edward Pearse for two hours of musi­cal eclec­tism (is that a word?) cov­er­ing […]

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