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Host Profile: Jomander Trefoil

Name: Joman­der Tre­foil. I was raised by my father, a car­tog­ra­ph­er in ser­vice to The Guvnah, who stead­fast­ly refused to dis­cuss the ori­gins of my name with me. After his trag­ic death (he was crushed by a col­laps­ing adver­tis­ing hoard­ing in Bling­tar­dia) I searched through his jour­nals seek­ing an expla­na­tion. I dis­cov­ered a pas­sage writ­ten […]

Host Profile: Emilly Orr

Name: Emil­ly Orr. (Emi­ly is often seen; Em, Emmie, Emmy, one DJ insists on refer­ring to me as Emmy-Lou, but he is from Texas; Emi is gen­er­al­ly just for close friends. But in gen­er­al, I won’t mind mak­ing the short name short­er.) SL Rez Day: July 10, 2006 Blog: Wel­come to the Train-Wreck Love Life […]

DJ Profile: Elrik Merlin

Name: Elrik Mer­lin, Laird Brideswell, aka Rik SL Rez Day: 29th March, 2007 Jour­nal: The New Observ­er — An Englishman’s Pere­gri­na­tions in Cale­don & Envi­rons Occu­pa­tion: Stream­ing Audio Spe­cial­ist, Broad­cast­er (1968-present!), Sound Record­ing Engi­neer & Pro­duc­er, Writer/Journalist, Graph­i­call Design­er and Cre­ative Tech­nol­o­gy Con­sul­tant, Philoso­pher, Pedant &c: aka a “Renais­sance Man”. Music Library: Seri­ous­ly eclec­tic, with […]

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