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Songs from The Nightingale: Passage to India


Tune in this after­noon from 12:30–2pm PST for Songs from The Nightin­gale: Pas­sage to India by Gabrielle Riel.All of the music fea­tured is from India, both tra­di­tion­al and con­tem­po­rary.

Duma Dum Mast Qalandar — Monday, 6–8:30 PM SLT (US Pacific Time)

O red robed Qalan­dar, intox­i­cat­ed with the love of God, the Lord in every breath of mine, glo­ry be to you.”  This won­der­ful Sufi song, trib­ute to the revered mys­tic Lal Shah­baz Qalan­dar, forms the cen­ter­piece of this week’s World Music at Mad­hu’s Café. We’ll hear about 10 dif­fer­ent ver­sions of this mar­velous song — […]

Ravi Shankar and Classical Indian Traditions, Monday 6–8:30 PM SLT (US Pacific Time)

This week’s World Music at Mad­hu’s Café pays trib­ute to the life and music of the leg­endary Ravi Shankar, who died last week. We will explore clas­si­cal Indi­an music in both the Hin­dus­tani (north India) and Car­nat­ic (south India) styles, as well as a lit­tle bit of fusion — jazz and elec­tron­ic music incor­po­rat­ing ele­ments […]

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