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From the Library: The Early Music Show — Music for Shakespeare

Today’s pro­gramme fea­tures pieces from the  Renais­sance and Baroque reper­toires writ­ten to accom­pa­ny Shake­speare’s plays, along with oth­er music of these peri­ods that has been used in con­junc­tion with the plays. In addi­tion we’ll hear a few oth­er pieces in a Shake­spear­i­an vein, with some con­tem­po­rary quo­ta­tions from the­a­tre-goers. These, along with quite a lot […]

From the Library: Music for Shakespeare: Act II

Today we are pre­sent­ing a day of music writ­ten to accom­pa­ny, or inspired by, the plays and poet­ry of William Shake­speare, born this month in 1564. In addi­tion we hope to give you a feel­ing for the world of the Eliz­a­bethan and Jacobean the­atre, with the help of recre­ations of the atmos­phere of plays and […]

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