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Main: British Classical Composers

Today we present a pro­gramme of clas­si­cal and light clas­si­cal music by British com­posers, both well-known and too often forgotten. 

A Baroque Collection

Today, tune in for a con­cert of Baroque works from a var­ied range of com­posers. And lots of twid­dly bits.

Music from the Time of Austen & Gainsborough

Illustration from Pride & Prejudice

Today’s pro­gramme takes us back to the end of the 18th and the begin­ning of the 19th cen­turies, with music from the time of nov­el­ist Jane Austen (1775–1817) and the painter (Thomas) Gains­bor­ough (1728–1788) — in oth­er words, music that takes us from the late Baroque to the ear­ly Clas­si­cal period.

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