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The Musical Magpie: Balkan sampler

Com­pli­cat­ed rhythms, unique vocal tech­niques, stringed instru­ments both plucked and bowed, flutes—and bag­pipes! Of course I would­n’t for­get the bag­pipes. On Sun­day, July 14, 12:30–2:00 pm Pacif­ic or Sec­ond Life time, the Musi­cal Mag­pie, Otenth Paderborn’s month­ly pro­gram of world, folk, and roots music, will sam­ple music from the Balkan penin­su­la. Lis­ten on Radio Riel […]

From the Library: Inspired by Eastern Europe

If there were a geo­graph­ic cen­ter to today’s music, it would be Bulgaria–but the influ­ences of East­ern Europe spread to Klezmer and gyp­sy music around the world. The high­ly var­ied music in the pro­gram includes lyri­cal instru­men­tals as well as dron­ing voic­es (and instru­ments), choral works, and rous­ing dance tunes. From the Library is pro­duced […]

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