The Radio Riel Players Present Tales from New Babbage: The New Accelerator by H.G. Wells

Yes indeed, these are push­ful, push­ful days we live in. If only there was a way to find more time. Tonight, Emer­son Light­house reads The New Accel­er­a­tor by H. G. Wells, first pub­lished in The Strand mag­a­zine in 1901.

Come lis­ten at the Red Drag­on in Bab­bage Square at 12 noon or 8pm PDT (Cal­i­for­nia time) or lis­ten wher­ev­er you may be by tun­ing your media play­er to Radio Riel Steam­punk.

Host: Osgoode “YoYo” Under­by
Read­er: Emer­son Light­house
Out­ro: Reli­able Barthelmess
Pro­mo: Byron Wex­home
Music: Ishkari Lore, Opi­um, Ghost­ca­lypse 6, Himalayan Atmosh­pere, Gyp­sy Shoegaz­er, Fluff­ing a Duck, Myst, com­posed and per­formed by Kevin MacLeod and avail­able at

Pro­duc­tion Engi­neer: Mos­seveno Tenk

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