Steampunk: Tales from New Babbage, Christmas 2012

Imps. Gnomes. Elves. Call them what you will, there is some­thing sin­is­ter hid­ing behind those pointy boots and jin­gle bells. For those of us that have had actu­al deal­ings with the wee, we know the truth. For our audio yule­tide greet­ing this year, we present three tales of Christ­mas, each with a dread­ful lit­tle man.

Vic Mullins reads Charles Dick­en’s oth­er Christ­mas redemp­tion tale, The Gob­lins that Stole a Sex­ton, which orig­i­nal­ly appeared in 1863 as part of The Pick­wick Papers.

Junie Gins­burg reads A Christ­mas Fan­ta­sy, with a Moral, by Thomas Bai­ly Aldrich, which first appeared in vol­ume 43, issue 2 of The Cen­tu­ry in 1891.

Emper­or Ezra Crumb II reads ‘Twas a Night Before a New Bab­bage Christ­mas, adapt­ed from the Clement Clarke Moore poem by Salazar Jack, from Tales of New Bab­bage, Vol. 1, which was pub­lished last year at this time.

Deck the Halls, O Lit­tle Town of Beth­le­hem, Greensleeves, Edel­weiss, We Three Kings, and We Wish you a Mer­ry Christ­mas, and Sil­ver Bells were arranged and per­formed by Canol­li Capali­ni, some of which are avail­able at Capali­ni Fine Fur­nish­ings in Bab­bage Canals.

Mys­te­rioso March, The Path of the Gob­lin King, Moon­light Hall, Pop Goes the Weasel, Hid­den Agen­da, Wiz­ard­to­ri­um, and It Came Upon a Mid­night Clear writ­ten and per­formed by Kevin Macleod, and are avail­able at his web­site at

Addi­tion­al mate­r­i­al writ­ten by Kris Law and Mos­seveno Tenk.

run­time 47:19

Lis­ten­ing par­ty at the Tin­ker Camp out­side the city gate tonight, 5 pm SLT (San Fran­cis­co Time). Stream will be broad­cast on Radio Riel Steam­punk.

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