Steampunk: Gallery of Curiosities “Last of the Spice Schooners”

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by Gabrielle Riel on Sunday, 15 May, 2016

It’s a Steampunk Sunday today! Tune in to Radio Riel Steampunk for The Gallery of Curiosities “Last of the Spice Schooners” at 3:00pm North American Pacific time. You can learn more about The Gallery of Curiosities at .

A plague ship enters the Pool of London 50 years overdue, the crew fallen victim to a mermaid. Scotsman Vic Mullins narrates this nautical tale of horror.

About the Author: Born in Yorkshire, Oxford graduate Philip Brian Hall is a former diplomat and teacher. Outside work, he has stood for parliament, sung solos in amateur operettas, rowed at Henley Royal Regatta, completed a 40 mile cross-country walk in under 12 hours and ridden in over one hundred horse-races over fences. He lives on a very small farm in Scotland with his wife, a dog, a cat and some horses.

Writing mainly in speculative genres, Philip has had short stories published by AE The Canadian Science Fiction Review, T Gene Davis’s Speculative Blog, The Sockdolager, Flame Tree Publishing and Third Flatiron Publishing, as well as the ‘Up and Coming’ anthology of authors eligible for the Campbell Award 2016. His novel, ‘The Prophets of Baal’ is available as an e-book and in paperback.

About the narrator: Vic Mullins is a landlubber and a long time favorite narrator from our old format. You can follow his outspoken antics on his youTube channel, Vaping with Vic.

Theme music: Ashes Ashes by DeVM
Osgoode’s Chorus: Walking Along by Kevin MacLeod
Released under a Creative Commons 4.0 attribution noncommercial no-derivatives license.
Ship’s Cook: Kris Law
Bo’sun: Kevin Frost
Skylarking aloft: Andrew, Jed
Outro: Super Suz

If you are in Second Life, the listening party is at the Customs House, Port Babbage, New Babbage ( .


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