Bedlam in Babbage: Christmas Edition!

It’s that time of year again: when the fake snow is sta­pled to the roofs of warmer cities, where the UK com­plains about heavy snow, and Cana­da laughs and thinks about maybe putting on a coat.

Where peo­ple wish for peace on earth and good­will to all men, unless you hap­pen to hold­ing the last dis­count toy what­sit that you’ve been dri­ving around all day try­ing to buy. Then you’re pre­pared to do bod­i­ly harm.

And the music. It will get into your head and stay there till Feb­ru­ary.

So join Edward Pearse at the Claren­don for the annu­al fes­tive assault or tune it to

2pm-4pm Pacif­ic Time Sat­ur­day 14th of Decem­ber.

Bring lots of Christ­mas spir­it. Dou­ble eggnong for me.

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