Bedlam in Babbage: Christmas Edition!

The Last Bed­lam in Bab­bage for the year.

You think the music in the Shop­ping Cen­tres and Malls is bad, you wait till you get a load of this! From Red Peters and The Arro­gant Worms to Scruffy the Elf, Snoopy, and the Mup­pets there’s some­thing for almost every­one.

You’re just lucky I haven’t found a Christ­mas ver­sion of Gang­nam Style yet.

Join Edward Pearse at the Claren­don for the annu­al fes­tive assault

2pm to 4pm Pacif­ic US Time,  Sat­ur­day 8th of Decem­ber.

Or tune in via

Bring lots of Christ­mas spir­it. Mine’s a whisky.

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