Reverie: The Faerie Queene, Book I Canto x

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by Gabrielle Riel on Sunday, 1 July, 2018

Reverie: The Faerie Queene, Book I Canto ix

Radio Riel is proud to continue our monthly Faerie Queene program in conjunction with the Alexandrian Free Library, Rosehaven Library and Caledon Library in Second Life on Radio Riel Reverie.

The Faerie Queene was first published in 1590, at the height of the Elizabethan Age. A contemporary of Shakespeare, his vision of faerie has inspired poets and fantasy writers ever since. According to Spenser, his aim in publishing The Faerie Queene was to “fashion a gentleman or noble person in virtuous and gentle discipline”.

Join us to listen and discuss this epic adventure through an Elizabethan fairyland, full of beauty and monsters from 11:00am — 12:30pm North American Pacific time. The discussion group in Second Life will take place in the Rosehaven Library ( Each month, we will look at one canto of the poem. It will be structured in two parts:

Listening Party — 11:00am North American Pacific Time

Tune in to Radio Riel Reverie.

For those who can’t join us for the listening parties, you can find the Librivox recordings here:

Discussion — 11:30am North American Pacific Time

The discussion will be conducted in chat, and transcripts will be posted here for comment: to allow people to participate even if they aren’t at the library event.

Edition: Any unabridged edition with numbered books and cantos will be fine, but the reference edition for our first year’s discussion is here:

Another version with original language but modernized spelling which might be easier to read is here:


Book 1: The Legend of the Knight of the Red Crosse:

1 July: Canto x
5 Aug: Canto xi
2 Sept: Canto xii


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