The Musical Magpie: Transatlantic Fiddle

The Musical MagpieTune in to Radio Riel for Otenth Pader­born’s month­ly pro­gram of world, folk, and roots music, broad­cast on the sec­ond Sun­day of the month from 12:30–2:00 pm Pacif­ic or Sec­ond Life time

On Sun­day 13 May, the pro­gram will fea­ture transat­lantic fid­dle tra­di­tions, span­ning Scan­di­navia, the islands of the North Sea and Atlantic, to Nova Sco­tia and points west. Lis­ten on Radio Riel Main or Volksmusik, or join us in Sec­ond Life at the ruins in Europa Wulfen­bach.

Playlist after the cut.

Song, artist, album, year (if avail­able)

Keserves (Lament­ing Song), Muzsikás, Mára­maros — The Lost Jew­ish Music of Tran­syl­va­nia, 1993
Csar­das And Ver­bunk From Madoc­sa, Méta & Kálmán Balogh, Gyp­sy Music From Hun­gar­i­an Vil­lages,
Ciocâr­lia, Tzi­gani & Emil­ia Kiro­va, Budapest, 2010
Kid­nap the Bride, Mier­li­ta, Stranger in Chi?in?u, 2015
Kar­jalan Yleiska­tril­li (Com­mon Quadrille of Kare­lia), JPP, His­to­ry, 1999
Stor­pol­skan (The Big Pol­s­ka), Nyck­el­harpa Orches­tra, Byss-Calle, 2000
Framti­dens Marsch, Väsen, Brewed, 2017
Tvilling­valsen (Twin Waltz), Anders Norud­de, Him­self, 2000
Fan­i­t­ullen, Knut Buen, As Quick as Fire: The Art of the Nor­we­gian Hardan­ger Fid­dle, 1996
Pols, Sven Nyhus, Tra­di­tion­al Nor­we­gian Fid­dle Music, 1992
Halling Etter Mosafinn, Annbjørg Lien, Fele­feber, 1999
Brem­sen, schot­tis av Stel­lan Mei­jer, Kalle Alm­löf & Jon­ny Sol­ing, Hop­spelt, 1989
Mar­i­an­na’s Ham­bo, Spæli­men­ninir, Mala­grót, 2003
Orkney Isles Hornpipe/Toe Reid, Jen­nifer & Hazel Wrigley, Hul­dreland, 1998
Da Broon Coo (The Brown Cow), Aly Bain & Ale Möller, Beyond the Stacks, 2007
Fish­er’s Horn­pipe, Lis­sa Sch­neck­en­burg­er, Dance, 2010
Le Mai A La Porte De Jean Braille, Domi­no, Pris Au Jeu, 2003
Kaynor’s Place, The Mov­ing Vio­la­tions, Quick Spin, 2004
A’ Chuthag (The Cuck­oo), Natal­ie Mac­Mas­ter, My Roots Are Show­ing, 2000
Peace Behind the Bridge, Car­oli­na Choco­late Drops, Gen­uine Negro Jig, 2010
It’s Over, Ali­son Krauss, I’ve Got That Old Feel­ing, 1990
Lex­ing­ton, Ele­phant Revival, Break In the Clouds, 2010
Sleepy Gary, The Last Rev­el, Haz­ard & Fate, 2017
Lit­tle Dar­lin’, Beau­soleil, Alli­ga­tor Purse, 2009
Frigatey (Muise), Frigate, Frigate, 2010
Trav­elin’ Prayer, Dol­ly Par­ton, The Grass Is Blue, 2006
Go Back, Dar­ling­side, Birds Say, 2015
Walt Whit­man, Tram­pled By Tur­tles, Stars and Satel­lites, 2012
Fairy­tale, Alexan­der Rybak, Fairy­tale, 2009
Hon­ga, The Klez­mat­ics, In The Fid­dler’s House, 1995
Shades, Árstíðir, Svefns og vöku skil, 2011
Rusty D‑con-STRUCK-tion, Ash­ley MacIsaac, Hi™ How Are You Today?, 1995

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