The Musical Magpie: Transatlantic Fiddle

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by Otenth Paderborn on Saturday, 12 May, 2018

The Musical MagpieTune in to Radio Riel for Otenth Paderborn’s monthly program of world, folk, and roots music, broadcast on the second Sunday of the month from 12:30–2:00 pm Pacific or Second Life time

On Sunday 13 May, the program will feature transatlantic fiddle traditions, spanning Scandinavia, the islands of the North Sea and Atlantic, to Nova Scotia and points west. Listen on Radio Riel Main or Volksmusik, or join us in Second Life at the ruins in Europa Wulfenbach.

Playlist after the cut.

Song, artist, album, year (if available)

Keserves (Lamenting Song), Muzsikás, Máramaros — The Lost Jewish Music of Transylvania, 1993
Csardas And Verbunk From Madocsa, Méta & Kálmán Balogh, Gypsy Music From Hungarian Villages,
Ciocârlia, Tzigani & Emilia Kirova, Budapest, 2010
Kidnap the Bride, Mierlita, Stranger in Chi?in?u, 2015
Karjalan Yleiskatrilli (Common Quadrille of Karelia), JPP, History, 1999
Storpolskan (The Big Polska), Nyckelharpa Orchestra, Byss‐Calle, 2000
Framtidens Marsch, Väsen, Brewed, 2017
Tvillingvalsen (Twin Waltz), Anders Norudde, Himself, 2000
Fanitullen, Knut Buen, As Quick as Fire: The Art of the Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle, 1996
Pols, Sven Nyhus, Traditional Norwegian Fiddle Music, 1992
Halling Etter Mosafinn, Annbjørg Lien, Felefeber, 1999
Bremsen, schottis av Stellan Meijer, Kalle Almlöf & Jonny Soling, Hopspelt, 1989
Marianna’s Hambo, Spælimenninir, Malagrót, 2003
Orkney Isles Hornpipe/Toe Reid, Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley, Huldreland, 1998
Da Broon Coo (The Brown Cow), Aly Bain & Ale Möller, Beyond the Stacks, 2007
Fisher’s Hornpipe, Lissa Schneckenburger, Dance, 2010
Le Mai A La Porte De Jean Braille, Domino, Pris Au Jeu, 2003
Kaynor’s Place, The Moving Violations, Quick Spin, 2004
A’ Chuthag (The Cuckoo), Natalie MacMaster, My Roots Are Showing, 2000
Peace Behind the Bridge, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Genuine Negro Jig, 2010
It’s Over, Alison Krauss, I’ve Got That Old Feeling, 1990
Lexington, Elephant Revival, Break In the Clouds, 2010
Sleepy Gary, The Last Revel, Hazard & Fate, 2017
Little Darlin’, Beausoleil, Alligator Purse, 2009
Frigatey (Muise), Frigate, Frigate, 2010
Travelin’ Prayer, Dolly Parton, The Grass Is Blue, 2006
Go Back, Darlingside, Birds Say, 2015
Walt Whitman, Trampled By Turtles, Stars and Satellites, 2012
Fairytale, Alexander Rybak, Fairytale, 2009
Honga, The Klezmatics, In The Fiddler’s House, 1995
Shades, Árstíðir, Svefns og vöku skil, 2011
Rusty D‐con‐STRUCK‐tion, Ashley MacIsaac, Hi™ How Are You Today?, 1995

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