The Million Sellers — The Seventies

Get out that gaudy set of plat­form shoes, iron out those flares to a razor sharp creas.…*wakes up from a night­mare*

Uhh­hh, yes, The Sev­en­ties.

This mon­th’s Mil­lion Sell­ers is based around the decade which seen a mas­sive vac­u­um after the break up of The Bea­t­les and the clo­sure of sev­er­al of the large “hit fac­to­ry” record pro­duc­ers of the six­ties.  The decade of the Sev­en­ties is a strange one, from the advent of synth pop, to the rem­nants of the old style rock and roll, to the UK’s Glam Rock, and of course…Disco *cringes*.

The good thing how­ev­er is Dis­co did­n’t real­ly pro­duce that many mil­lion Dis­co hits, so you’ll only need those plat­forms and flares for a short while 🙂

Join Vic Morn­ing­ton at The Claren­don this Thurs­day August 2nd from 5pm SLT (Pacif­ic) till 7pm  for two hours of mil­lion sell­ing hits…some of which will be the clas­sic dis­co style songs.

Togeth­er with the broad­cast, res­i­dents with­in Sec­ond Life can lis­ten in live as well by going to Radio Riel’s “Claren­don” in the City State of New Bab­bage.

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