The Million Sellers — The Eighties

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by rieladmin on Thursday, 6 September, 2012

It was a decade of change.

The music industry of the decade of the eighties seen vast changes to the way it recorded the artists, massive changes to the technology which made music, and seen its single most profitable decade in its recorded history.

The years of 1980 to 1989 also seen the biggest shift in music tastes which became “mainstream”.  A slow and steady shift away from the band based instrumental hits to the synth pop bands like The Pet Shop Boys, Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark to Gary Numan.  The 1980’s would go on to shape the tastes of music for an entire generation going into the 90’s and into the early part of the new millennium.

A lot of us, like myself, grew up with the music from the 80’s.  Join Vic Mornington this afternoon on Radio Riel Main, September 6th from 5pm till 7pm PST as well all take a look back to music which is now more than two decades old…yeah, feeling older now?  I am 🙁

This Million Sellers show will be slightly different to previous ones.  Even though the industry of the time seen massive profits, there was very few clear cut million selling hits in a single country for the decade of the 80’s.  This months songs will have made over 1 million sales worldwide, instead of only in one country.

Together with the broadcast, residents within Second Life can listen in live as well by going to Radio Riel’s “Clarendon” in the City State of New Babbage.


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