The Million Sellers — Hit Parade & Chronicles Opening Party

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by rieladmin on Thursday, 1 November, 2012

After an absence last month, Million Sellers returns for a special show this November 1st!

Last month, the oldest consecutive music chart in the world celebrated its anniversary.  In the late 1800’s The Billboard Magazine was first launched to help trade post businesses in advertising.  By the time the jukebox was prevalent in the 30’s, The Billboard Magazine decided to run a top playlist chart for jukeboxes.  That original premise in mid 1935 spawned what would become The Billboard Hot 100 of today.

The first hour of The Million Sellers will be spent in the hey day of the original Hot 50 Hit Parade which is the direct predecessor of the current chart which was formed in the early part of the decade of the 60’s.  It will be an hour long set of the big band’s which, having not technically been declared million sellers by todays chart system, was in fact true million sellers by sheet music alone.

The second hour of Million Sellers will cover the opening party of Penny Gaff Publishings new story from The Clockhaven Chronicles featuring “A Drop of the Venom” by New Babbage’s own Emerson Lighthouse.

Together with the broadcast, residents within Second Life can listen in live as well by going to Radio Riel’s “Clarendon” in the City State of New Babbage for the first hour of the Million Sellers set, and then heading to The Gangplank for the last hour covering the opening party for A Drop of the Venom.

First Hour of Million Sellers —

Second Hour covering A Drop of the Venom opening party -


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