The Million Sellers — Hit Parade & Chronicles Opening Party

After an absence last month, Mil­lion Sell­ers returns for a spe­cial show this Novem­ber 1st!

Last month, the old­est con­sec­u­tive music chart in the world cel­e­brat­ed its anniver­sary.  In the late 1800’s The Bill­board Mag­a­zine was first launched to help trade post busi­ness­es in adver­tis­ing.  By the time the juke­box was preva­lent in the 30’s, The Bill­board Mag­a­zine decid­ed to run a top playlist chart for juke­box­es.  That orig­i­nal premise in mid 1935 spawned what would become The Bill­board Hot 100 of today.

The first hour of The Mil­lion Sell­ers will be spent in the hey day of the orig­i­nal Hot 50 Hit Parade which is the direct pre­de­ces­sor of the cur­rent chart which was formed in the ear­ly part of the decade of the 60’s.  It will be an hour long set of the big band’s which, hav­ing not tech­ni­cal­ly been declared mil­lion sell­ers by todays chart sys­tem, was in fact true mil­lion sell­ers by sheet music alone.

The sec­ond hour of Mil­lion Sell­ers will cov­er the open­ing par­ty of Pen­ny Gaff Pub­lish­ings new sto­ry from The Clock­haven Chron­i­cles fea­tur­ing “A Drop of the Ven­om” by New Bab­bage’s own Emer­son Light­house.

Togeth­er with the broad­cast, res­i­dents with­in Sec­ond Life can lis­ten in live as well by going to Radio Riel’s “Claren­don” in the City State of New Bab­bage for the first hour of the Mil­lion Sell­ers set, and then head­ing to The Gang­plank for the last hour cov­er­ing the open­ing par­ty for A Drop of the Ven­om.

First Hour of Mil­lion Sell­ers —

Sec­ond Hour cov­er­ing A Drop of the Ven­om open­ing par­ty -

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