Sunday July 26: An Ancient Journey — live from the Elven Forest

Ancient Journey July 26

You’re invit­ed to join us at Echoes of Jade in the Elven For­est in the vir­tu­al world of Sec­ond Life, on Sun­day July 26 from 2–4pm Pacif­ic (22:00-Midnight in the UK), for a musi­cal jour­ney through the Ancient World — and even to the Moon! With var­ied musi­cal styles and many tracks you may not have heard before — and some you have.

The music will be pro­vid­ed by Elrik Mer­lin and the show will be broad­cast live on Radio Riel’s Main Stream.

In addi­tion, Élite Eques­tri­an — the Horse Source — will be releas­ing a brand new prod­uct at the Élite Eques­tri­an store in Elven For­est.

Our thanks to Bel­la Night­fire for mak­ing the space avail­able for the show. Fantasy/mediaeval dress sug­gest­ed.

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