Riel Theatre presents: Neverwhere (Episodes 4 & 5)

Tonight Riel The­atre presents the BBC Radio pro­duc­tion of Neil Gaiman’s Nev­er­where, adapt­ed by Dirk Mag­gs.

When Richard May­hew stum­bles across a home­less woman bleed­ing on the street, his deci­sion to help her will change his life in more ways than he ever dreamed pos­si­ble.

James McAvoy as Richard May­hew
Natal­ie Dormer as Lady Door
David Hare­wood as Mar­quis de Carabas
Sophie Okone­do as Hunter
Bene­dict Cum­ber­batch as Isling­ton
Antho­ny Head as Croup
David Schofield as Van­de­mar
Bernard Crib­bins as Old Bai­ley
Romo­la Garai as Jes­si­ca Bar­tram
Christo­pher Lee as the Earl of Ear­l’s Court
Andrew Sachs as Too­ley
George Har­ris as Abbot
Don Gilet as Fulig­i­nous, Ruis­lip, Black­fri­ar
Abdul Salis as Sable, Sump, Clarence and a home­less man
Paul Che­quer as Gary, and the sec­ond guard
Lucy Cohu as Lamia
Yas­min Paige as Anaes­the­sia, the female ten­ant and Match girl
John­ny Vegas as Lord Rat­s­peak­er
Stephen Mar­cus as Var­ney, a home­less man, a let­ting agent and the first guard
Karen Archer as Sylvia, an old woman, Dream Hawk­er, Moth­er…
John Glover as Lord Por­ti­co and Stock­ton
Neil Gaiman as Mr Fig­gis and The Fop With No Name
Paul Stone­house as Iliaster

Join us at the Claren­don Con­ser­va­to­ry from 7pm SLT on Thurs­day night or tune in to

Neverwhere group

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