Riel Theatre Presents: Arthur Conan Doyle & Beatrix Potter

Tonight Riel The­atre presents two clas­sic short tales but in very dif­fer­ent styles. First up is The Cap­tain of the Polestar by Arthur Conan Doyle, and drama­tised by Mar­ty Ross­From for BBC Radio. Star­ring Alec Heg­gie, Nick Under­wood, Bri­an Pet­tifer and James Bryce, it tells of a Dundee whal­ing ship trapped in the arc­tic. Strange cries sound across the ice at night and a fig­ure is glimpsed on the floes. Is it the Cap­tain’s lost love come to reclaim him?

After that The Tai­lor of Glouces­ter by Beat­rix Pot­ter, the chil­dren’s tale of a poor tai­lor who has just three days to fin­ish a suit for the May­or, and the mice who live in his shop. Drama­tised by Sarah Woods for BBC radio and star­ring David Har­g­reaves, David Holt and David Tim­son with Miri­am Mar­golyes as the nar­ra­tor.

Join us at the Claren­don Con­ser­va­to­ry from 7pm SLT on Thurs­day night or tune in to http://music.radioriel.org/

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