The Musical Magpie: Early American Sacred Music

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by Otenth Paderborn on Sunday, 10 February, 2019

The Musical Magpie

Today, Otenth Paderborn’s monthly program of world, folk, and roots music will give you a taste of early American sacred music, including Shaker songs and folk hymns, with most of the program comprising Sacred Harp, also known as Shapenote singing.

Sacred Harp refers to the human voice, and is the title of a tune book first published in 1844. Shapenote refers to the system of applying four shapes to the note heads for assistance in sight‐reading. In common with its singing‐school origins, Sacred Harp tunes are sung with a solfege (fa‐so‐la) system. The tunes are traditionally sung a capella by all present, seated in an hollow square with each part on a side, rather than being performed. Today’s program will include both archival field recordings and modern performances.

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