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It’s St Patrick­’s Day, March 17th, and Gabrielle Riel is play­ing Irish music all day for your delec­ta­tion and plea­sure.

Then at 4pm Pacif­ic we’ll be join­ing Cale­do­nia Sky­tow­er live at the Sean­chai Library in Sec­ond Life for a read­ing of  The Qui­et Man — the orig­i­nal short sto­ry by Mau­rice Walsh that pro­vid­ed the sto­ry­line for the 1952 motion pic­ture of the same name. The annu­al read­ing is a Sean­chai Library St Patrick­’s Day tra­di­tion.

Shawn Kelvin, a blithe young lad of 20, went to the States to seek his for­tune. And 15 years there­after he returned to his native Ker­ry, his blitheness sobered and his youth dried to the core, and whether he had made his for­tune or whether he had not no one could be know­ing for cer­tain. For he was a qui­et man, not giv­en to talk­ing about him­self and the things he had done. A qui­et man, under mid­dle size, with strong shoul­ders and deep-set blue eyes below brows dark­er than his dark hair — that was Shawn Kelvin.”

Thus begins Mau­rice Wal­sh’s orig­i­nal short sto­ry as it was pub­lished in the Sat­ur­day Evening Post in Feb­ru­ary of 1933.  It was sub­se­quent­ly revised and pub­lished with oth­er Walsh sto­ries of the same era, the char­ac­ters and con­tents of which were mould­ed by Direc­tor John Ford and Screen­writer Frank S. Nugent over more than a decade into the 1952 Acad­e­my Award-win­ning motion pic­ture star­ring John Wayne, Mau­reen O’Hara, and Vic­tor McLa­glen.

Cale­do­nia Sky­tow­er presents The Qui­et Man for St. Patrick­’s Day, live on stream in Ceil­i­u­radh Glen, at 4pm Pacif­ic Time, 23:00 GMT, and on Radio Riel Main Stream.

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